Artist Profile

Joanna Davies is an Australian artist who specialises in Oils.  Her work has been acquired by collectors and art lovers for homes, corporate headquarters and public spaces from the Australian outback, to Europe and North America. 


Joanna has been drawing, building and creating her whole life: growing up in an large family of potters, dancers, painters and actors  on a dirt road in rural Brookfield, Queensland. After a career in advertising,  Joanna and her husband Simon have owned a successful bakery business for 25 years. Recently Joanna made the decision to paint full time and since then has created and sold over 100 pieces.


In short, Joanna loves to paint.  Her large scale oil paintings are filled with energy and emotion and the figurative movement she specialises in is both striking and intimate.  Joanna exhibits twice yearly, works painted in her studio or created whilst travelling with Simon.  Joanna’s pieces vary from monochromatic to bursts of colour, but her style is always identifiable by its energy, heavy application of oils and strong narrative.   


2020 will see her continuing to paint prolifically and Joanna and Simon will work together to create a new home and studio on land where she grew up in Brookfield.



Joanna Davies Art Australia

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